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                        Wednesdays    11 – 2

                        Saturdays        11 - 2



  • Flip OPEN sign and unlock front door

  • Set out HCA sandwich sign

            Prop door open if weather is good

  • Create ambiance - If you have music to play or find some on the computer

            Turn on lights in the front and back

  • Turn on computer – left back button

  • Be sure Square is charged, directions on the iPhone box

                                    Charge iPhone (if necessary) and secure Square

  • Tally visitors – yellow pad currently


Sales at the Gallery    

Type:   Coloring Books


                                    Art Classes/Workshops

                                    Artwork (Procedures in the Volunteer Book)

Artwork - Complete a Bill of Sale - Copy for Purchaser

            Square and/or cash, take time to complete receipt for sales description back up.

                                    Using Square –

  • Open iPhone,

  • Open Square App

  • Tap on Notes, enter purchaser info and item(s)

  • Tap Done

  • Enter “Transactions”,

  • Enter Amount,

  • Tap Done

  • Swipe Card, quickly,

    • Should say Processing Transaction

  • Email or Text # will appear as a choice for receipt

  • Tap on choice

  • Receive a message “Receipt Sent”


  • Record Square sales w/description

  • Place Cash in envelope marked CINDI w/receipt copy and place in her tray in the back room

  • Take payment - cash, check, Square


If the sale is an exhibited piece, it will remain, marked SOLD (Red Dot) until the closing of the exhibit.  Otherwise, they can pay and carry with them. There is bubble-wrap in the back and tape.


  • Familiarize yourself with current exhibit and upcoming activities


To leave:

  • Pull in Sandwich sign and Flip CLOSED sign

  • Lights off

  • Lock Front and Back


Other things to do: Dustmop, check/clean restroom, list of any items needed.  Feel free to use the computer (of course, don’t go anywhere you wouldn’t go at home)