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Hancock County Arts Council (HCAC) was organized in 1996 by artists and friends with a common goal to promote art in Hancock County. In 1999, Hancock County Arts Council registered as a nonprofit organization and this vision began, in partnership with the Greenfield Parks Department, to develop the arts community in Hancock County. In 2014, Hancock County Arts signed their first lease at their current home. 20A N State Street, Greenfield, IN.

After every 5 years of service to the community, the HCAC board of directors takes a step back to plan high-level and long-term for the future of the organization and how it would like to serve the arts community in Hancock County.

After a facilitated strategic planning process in 2018, the board of directors established a new vision to lead the organization into the future:


A vibrant community where arts and culture flourish and are widely embraced What does this look like? HCA envisions regular pop-up art events, a thriving performing arts community, prominent public art, high-quality gallery shows, and a community culture that appreciates these opportunities and supports local artists. HCA will serve the following areas: visual, performing, and literary arts.

The board established a new mission statement to articulate HCA’s role in this work:


Hancock County Arts will provide leadership for the creative community by encouraging, celebrating, and promoting arts and culture throughout Hancock County. This strategic plan outlines HCA’s goals and tactics over the next five years to accomplish the mission and move closer to the vision.


The board of directors is excited by the progress that has been made and looks forward to playing a role in what the next five years will bring. The board is planning the next strategic brainstorm during this coming year.  We are ready to expand, to grow and to develop the arts. If you are interested in joining this active and motivated board, as a member, you may please feel free to join us.

Any accommodations needed for accessibility, please contact us at or 317.967.2461, at least two weeks prior to any event.

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