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August Member Highlight

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

We would like to introduce to you the artists at

Tattoos In Time Studio.

Amy Cheshier, Jimmy Helton, and Haley Godwin.

Amy and Jimmy were born and raised in Hancock County; Haley comes to us from Rushville. Amy has been tattooing for the past 21 years. Before that she attended Vincennes University and studied Fine Arts. She loves photography and oil painting in her spare time and owns the studio. Jimmy has been tattooing for the past 10 years. He began as an apprentice under Amy, however it was a short one. His talent and hunger for the craft has taken him far in a short amount of time. His artwork speaks for itself, he is a versatile artist and loves to create custom artwork for his clients that they will love for a lifetime. Haley attended the University of Evansville and studied Photography. She had a dream of becoming a tattoo artist and apprenticed under Amy and Jimmy at the shop. She was released a few months ago and is growing at warp speed as a talented tattoo artist.

"When the pandemic hit, we were shut down for 8 weeks, which was scary. However, since being able to reopen our community, clients, friends, and family have supported us and kept us super busy. We have 3 artists that all have different wait times for appointments. But if you are willing to stay flexible and work with our schedules, we can normally get everyone in for a tattoo pretty quickly. Unfortunately, because we do stay so busy walk ins are not always something we can do every day, but we do try to accommodate everyone. We hate to tell people no." is what Amy had to say when asked how business was going since the pandemic shut them down. If you are interested in talking to an artist about your next tattoo you can visit. to check out their portfolios and click to book now button to reserve your consultation time for free with the artist of your choice.

Tattoos by Amy

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